Weekly bulletin of Saint John Nepomuk Chapel


Stewardship thought for the week

June 4, 2017-Pentecost Sunday


“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”  1 CORINTHIANS 12:7


To receive the gift of the Holy Spirit you must open your heart and let Him in! Open your heart and be grateful for all the gifts God has given us. Regardless of your circumstance, God has given us all blessings. What we do with those gifts is our gift back to God. Generously sharing our gifts keeps us more “God-centered” and less “self-centered”.


Last weekend’s collections: Envelopes $845.00; loose $446.00; Other $55.00


Total: $1,346.00


Date Intentions Celebrant
Saturday, June 3 Kellie Schallon Father Frank Koeninger
Sunday, June 4 Edward Klenc TBA
Saturday, June 10 Frances Dvoak Father Frank Koeninger
Sunday, June 11 Aiden Klenc Father Paul Rothschild

Upcoming Masses:



There will be a second collection this weekend for the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital


Next Sunday, June 10 will be hospitality Sunday. Coffee and donuts will be served following 9:30 mass.


CHARITY OUTREACH MAY:  During the month of May/June we will be collecting for St. Martha’s Hall Emergency Shelter.  St Martha’s Hall is committed to helping battered women and their children break the cycle of violence in their lives.


The emergency shelter has a little thing on their wish-list that would make a big difference for the facility: Breakfast Cereals!   St. Martha’s Hall hosts both kids and mothers, so all kinds of cereals are welcome, anything from a sweet treat for the kids to healthy granola.  Whatever your favorite cereal, pick up an extra box while at the store and share one with those in need.  Collection baskets are on the side altar and the final day for donations will be mid-June.


More on Liturgical Ettiquette—from the bulletin of the Cathedral Basilica.


“Churches are meant to be sacred space, places where all can pray and worship. While a cordial greeting is never out of place,, carrying on an audible and protracted conversation is never appropriate.


“Out of respect and reverence of Christ in the Eucharist, arriving at Mass on time and remaining until the priest has recessed down the aisle is appropriate behavior. Leaving Mass early amd disturbing the flow of communion in order to exit is unacceptable.


“Please place cell phones and beepers in the silent mode, and please remain in church ‘til the end to be blessed and commissioned to go forth in Jesus’ name.”


Saints Peter and Paul parish will be hosting a get-to-know-your-brunch on Sunday, June 25. They have invited us and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. This should be a lot of fun and there will be some great food. The brunch is free but they need a head count to know how much food to prepare. There are sign-up sheets at the entrance to church. They will be accepting free-will donations.


Intentions to the Infant of Prague—Over the years SJN has received many blessings through our devotion to the Infant of Prague, including our continued existence. To make our devotion more personal, we have placed a basket near Saint Joseph’s altar and blank 3 X 5 cards. If you have a special prayer need, please place it on a card and put it in the basket. Remember, the Infant told Father Cyril that the more we honor Him, the more He will bless us.


Remember, your prayers are between you and God. No one else will see them. From time-to-time we will burn the cards.























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