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Most Holy Trinity

Stewardship thought for the week

June 11, 2017 – Most Holy Trinity


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…” JOHN 3:16


Is your love conditional? Is there a price others have to pay to receive your love? Are you generous with your time, money and possessions? If you give someone something, do you expect something in return? Do you give your time freely or do you “fit it in” when it’s convenient for you? Pray for a grateful and generous heart.


Last weekend’s collections: Envelopes $1,124.00; loose $219.00; Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital $289.00; Other $5.00


Total: $1,637.00


Date Intentions Celebrant
Saturday, June 10 Frances Dvoak Father Frank Koeninger
Sunday, June 11 Aiden Klenc Father Paul Rothschild
Saturday, June 17 Draper Bickham Father Frank Koeninger
Sunday, June 18 Bill Korpecki TBA

Upcoming Masses:


This Sunday, June 10 will be hospitality Sunday. Coffee and donuts will be served following 9:30 mass.


CHARITY OUTREACH:  We are currently collecting breakfast cereal for St. Martha’s Hall Emergency Shelter.  St Martha’s Hall is committed to helping battered women and their children break the cycle of violence in their lives.


St. Martha’s Hall hosts both kids and mothers, so all kinds of cereals are welcome, anything from a sweet treat for the kids to healthy granola.  Whatever your favorite cereal, pick up an extra box while at the store and share one with those in need.  Collection baskets are on the side altar and the final day for donations will be June 18.


More on Liturgical Ettiquette—from the bulletin of the Cathedral Basilica.


“Although the Church doesn’t require everyone to be dressed in their “Easter finest” every week for mass, please remember that the way we dress for church is, oftentimes, a sign of how important the celebration of the Eucharist is to us.


The bow immediately before receiving Holy Communion should be done with the conscious recognition that it is the Lord Himself before Whom we bow. He is truly present in the Eucharist and the extension of our hands must acknowledge our acceptance of a gift, not a grabbing for something owed us. The hands are completely empty, extended in the gesture of acceptance. The Lord should not be just another item among keys or other personal items.


Saints Peter and Paul parish will be hosting a get-to-know-your-brunch on Sunday, June 25. They have invited us and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. This should be a lot of fun and there will be some great food. The brunch is free but they need a head count to know how much food to prepare. There are sign-up sheets at the entrance to church. They will be accepting free-will donations. Please sign up this week at either entrance to the chapel.


Picnic follow-upMany thanks to everyone who helped make our picnic/barbecue successful. Unfortunately we had some unexpected competition so our results fell somewhat short of last year. Special thanks to Jim Peterson for chairing the event and to Greg Deutsch who prepared all the pork steaks at home.


Our total revenue was $4,176.65 with some expenses possibly outstanding. Last year the amount was $5,128.50.


Here’s the breakdown:


Dinners     $1,660.15

Raffle           1,136.00

Straws             513.50

Pulltabs             69.00

Ham raffle       100.00

Cash donation 530.00

Bar                   167.50

Total             4,176.65


Raffle winners:

Robert Sager   $500.00

Larry Havel       100.00

Phillip Lamczyk   50.00


























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